One Bang: Matt Closson

If you’ve been paying attention it’s clear both Blunted and Matt are on a serious tear right now. Featuring Matt in their new series, One Bang, BLNTD brings you a great line from a highly underrated shredder.

Clash at Clairemont 7 was Awesome

ClashatClairemont12Clash at Clairemont went down last Saturday, June 1rst and I had a blast! This event benefits the YMCA Krause Family Skatepark and Grind For Life, a great charity that helps families with the high cost of fighting cancer. This event, in it’s seventh year, merged with the Sonic Generations of Vert contest.

The day starts with an amateur contest, ends with music and skating in the pool and is filled with amazing skateboarding and BMX riding. Booth village was filled with great companies supporting the effort to raise money to fight cancer. This year was the best Clash to date if you ask me. Continue reading

Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll

This is some seriously amazing stuff. This video is approaching a million views on it’s first day! I can’t even name half these tricks but some that stood out to me were the upside down grind, the lay back roll under the semi trailers and that crazy vader type roll across the car. Tim, you freaking rule man!

Straight Jibbin

The Grim Crew is never sitting still. Here’s a brand new one from them with some friends crusin and having fun down town. These guys are the future of San Diego BMX and it’s looking bright.

Clash at Clairemont 7 Preview

914x374_slide_013Tony Hawk inverted In it’s seventh year, The Clash at Clairemont is not only San Diego’s premiere action sports event it has also raised over $120,000.00. The event benefits the Krause Family YMCA Skatepark and Grind for Life, a charity that helps families with the high cost of fighting cancer.

This event is also what got me started with my own site. I covered Clash 2&3 for the Clairemont Community News. Looking back on it now, I was completely starstruck to have access to this event, the skaters and BMXers. Leading up to the fourth Clash I jumped blindly into the blogoshpere with enthusiasm and a willingness to try. That eventually lead to Sore Eye Sports. I still cover the event for CCN and will as long as they’ll let me. Continue reading

Matt Closson for BLNTD

Blunted Athletics is on a big hitting streak right now. This is a new one from Matt Closson. Street and dirt shreds coming together in one hell of a web edit. The ender is a serious hammer, I’m surprised it wasn’t saved for a video part. Great work Matt!

One Bang – Tammy McCarley No.1

A new web series from Blunted Athletics, Tammy starts it off with one hell of a line.  This guy is not only a stylish super shredder, he’s also turned up to 11 right now.  Pay attention, there’s much more coming from Tammy and Blunted soon!

Grim Crew Park Mix

The future of San Diego BMX can be found in the Grim Crew. Here’s another great edit of them shredding it up. Get connected with their filmer’s Youtube channel to stay up to date with these fast movers!

Ditch 420 Spring Break Edit

The Ditch crew just released this tasty little edit from Spring Break. Pull up a seat and get familiar with your favorite riders’ favorite riders. Of course Lahsaan and Albert are my favorites, San Diego killing it as usual.  Riders include:

Lahsaan Kobza
Samar Carillo
Sam Buros
Frank Parks
Albert Mercado
Loofa Lee
Joey Torres
Matt Neitschke
Ryan Chadwick



Tammy and Blunted Athletics bring you an amazing teaser, colaborating with SnowGlobe Studios, this footage is pristine. Tammy’s riding is next level, I can’t wait to see how these clips end. Gap, pegs, tooth? Are you kidding me? The best part isn’t even any of that, the message it what rules the most: the world is a playground, BMX is fun right? Keep watch for this one, it’s going to be big!