Sore Eye Sports 5th Anniversary!

Sore5SportsCan you believe Sore Eye Sports is 5 years old? Thank you to everyone that has or does support my efforts! Join me on April 11th, in the Pig Pen, at Carnitas’ Snack Shack, to celebrate five years of fun and friendship. I’m brewing a one off collaboration beer with the Home Brewing Co. to share with you! Hanis will fire up the outdoor kitchen and create us something amazing to dine on as we enjoy a great Saturday afternoon. Bring cash for that so you don’t have to wait in the real food line. The party and one pour of the collaboration beer are free. Yes, I said free beer! More details as they become reality, and always remember fun matters! RSVP to the Facebook event page so I know you’re coming!

Check out the Three B Zine pod cast from Monday night where I talk about this party among a lot of other awesome San Diego craft beer stuff!

I have had amazing luck with my site and I owe it all to you, my followers! I hope you will join me for a small taste of my appreciation. After two years of covering the Clash at Clairemont for a local newspaper, my blog started one day on a suggestion from my wife that I could; I had never even considered it. Since then, I’ve had a blast covering all sorts of events, learning more about photography and more importantly made some great friends. Whatever it is you have in the back of your head that you want to do I suggest you go for it! Why not now?

Sore5GlassUpdate: The first 50 people to show up at the party will receive the glass pictured below free! It will also have an 8oz pour of the collaboration beer I brewed with Home Brewing Co. inside it! Get clicking on that RSVP button!






Update 2: I’ll be giving away 3 bottles between 2 and 3pm. The first 50 people that get a free glass will also get 3 entries in to the drawing for each of these: Woot Stout 2.0 – Santa’s Little Helper – Veritas 15! You will not be able to open these at Carnitas Snack Shack , you have to be there (and 21 or older) to win, and they will be warm to discourage shenanigans. That’s right, you get a free glass with free beer in it and a chance to win even more free beer! It’s my way of thanking you for 5 years of support!


2015-04-09 18.54.30-1Update 3: I will also be giving away 4 of these cards. What are these cards, you ask? They’re 25% discount cards for Carnitas’ Shack Shack, off all food purchased, for life, or as long as you can keep track of the card!

Hanis is taking some of the Ryelk (the collaboration beer I brewed with Home Brewing Co. ) to braise up some dogs for us to chow down on!

We’ll also tap a keg of Fall Brewing Company Unicorn Stampede!

Awesome Stuff That Happened In 2014 In A Totally Biased List

SESv12014, the most recent year to end! Sore Eye Sports had an amazing year full of fun and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I attended a ton of events, hosted some myself and more importantly, made a lot of new beer friends along the way. I’m truly grateful for all the support from you guys and hope 2015 is the best year this planet has ever seen!

Let’s get into the stuff I seriously enjoyed and will stick with me as we move ever faster into the future. No data, polls or any other outside information source was used or considered when making this list; I’m just writing down what I remember as being awesome!

Last year started with big news for my buddy Albert Mercado. After years of dedication and amazing BMX skills he got bumped up to the pro teams for both Shadow and Kink! Al’s a genuinely epic human on and off the bike. Here’s his most recent edit from New Year’s: Continue reading

Sync – Tony Hawk Doubles – 2014

Yes, it has been forever since I posted a skateboard video. To be honest, I have hit a weird lull in my enthusiasm for the videos being pumped out lately but I’m super stoked on this one. Tony Hawk and Andy Macdonald are the greatest vert doubles team in history and you can see their 20+ years of experience skating together highlighted here. Tons of NBDs in this, be ready to click your pause and rewind buttons. The real treat here is everyone else he skated with for this part, people and tricks you would not expect. If I had to choose my favorite clip that doesn’t include Andy Mac, it would have to be Tony airing over Lance Mountain as he hops through the pool ladder. I’ll shut up, click that triangle and enjoy!

San Diego Video Roundup #2

We live in an amazing city full of world class skateboarding and BMX talent. This week there’s been a lot of videos coming out of the best town in the world and these are my favorites. Let’s get it started with a typical morning session from Falco Baltys.

Continue reading

2nd Annual Sore Eye Sportsmas!

Sportsmas2The 2nd annual Sore Eye Sportsmas has come to a close. Thank you to each and every person that supports this site in any way!

The grand prize winner is Kim Coldiron! She won a private, 6 course, craft beer pairing dinner, inside the 950 Lounge at the Handlery Hotel, by chef Karl Prohaska and managed by Gus Thompson. Each course will be paired with a taster of San Diego craft beer.

This gift will was given out at 6pm Pacific on Friday, December 20th.

Thank you to Karl and Gus for their generosity. Sore Eye Sportsmas would not be possible without awesome people like you. This was the biggest giveaway in my history and I’m stoked I was able to give back to my followers and supporters.

Happy Holidays!

Sore Eye Sportsmas Returns!


Makin’ My Eyes Sore #13

Wow, has it really been a month since I posted last? It’s also been 6 months since the last MMES, I’ve been slacking. I’m trying to learn not to double space after a period anymore but it’s so ingrained into my typing I finding it difficult. Let’s jump right into some seriously gritty Northwest shredding from our friends over at Low Card.

Ever wondered what it looked like to ride and insane dirt track? Morgan Wade shows us his perspective riding in the Redbool Dreamline contest.
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Trick Mix – Dylan Messer And Dolan Stearns For Brixton

You guys know I’ve been talking about Dolan Stearns for years, he’s one of my favorite local shredders. In this quick hitting edit he’s destroying PQ skatepark with teammate Dylan Messer for your entertainment. I’ve spent a lot of time at this park and haven’t seen anyone backside flip or treflip that banked gap, props to Dolan. Shout out to Willy Santos for the cameo at the end. Random thought, I never noticed how close these two ripper’s names were to each other until typing them this morning.

Jacob Sandin for Lowcard

Jacob, a local, San Diego, skateboarder just released this awesome edit for Lowcard. Full of ditches, gaps and drops, he shows us a big bag of tricks and creative use of his surroundings. Most of us couldn’t even get threw some of those spots but Jacob is burning them down. My favorite clips you ask? Kick flipping the water gap at the bridge, hard flip over the business entrance and the over rail ollie to harsh bank. Watch out for some serious hops as well, I have no idea how he got up to those nose grinds. Big shout out to Lowcard for supporting a cool, positive, local shredder and double high fives to Jacob for ripping it up out there!


Royal Stain just released this video with some great flat ground skating. Full of rarely seen tricks and combinations, I’m thankful for the crystal clear slow motion! High fives to the skaters, Cody Schulze and Julian Christianson, and the filmer/editor Tristan Minton.