Jacob Whitt – Orange Roses

In Orange Roses, Jacob Whitt shows us his great combination of freestyle and street skateboarding. My avid followers know I’ve been talking about this guy for a few years and his progression has blown my mind. Add to that some technical tricks that any street skater would die to be able to do and you have this. Here are some of the moves that hyped me up in this video – handstand flip to Primo – an awesome boneless variation – front foot 360 shuv to manual and of course the banger, a front foot 540 shuv down a 3 block. Great work Jacob, I can’t wait for your next edit!

Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” – A Backyard Progression

Bob Burnquist is an amazing San Diego skateboarder, you know this, but you are not ready for what’s in this video! I’m totally blown away and at a loss for words to describe the massiveness of this edit. Incredible mega ramp tricks are only the start. Ever seen a mega ramp hip? No, you haven’t because it didn’t exist until now. Ever seen someone jump out of a moving helicopter and 180 into the mega ramp? Again, no, and that’s just 2 of at least 10 things you and the rest of the world should be over the top hyped on. Thank you Bob for your unstoppable drive to progress skateboarding!!

San Diego Skateboarding and BMX Video Roundup

San Diego skateboarding and BMX videos have been flooding in lately, too fast for me to post them all. What I’ve decided to do is make one mega video post of everything I’m stoked on right now coming out of my hometown. Our city is full of amazing talent, here’s some examples:

Starting it off is Christian Rigal. This United BMX pro just got a new signature frame and bars, recovered from a broken leg and hit the streets immediately to film this amazing edit. I’ve never seen a backwards grind that long before!

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Instagram Is Now Embeddable

Instagram launched a new feature today that allows you to embed content into/onto other websites and as a blogger I’m totally stoked on it! In the past if you wanted to share an Instagram photo you had be crafty, use screen shots or an application.

If you visit an image on Instagram.com there’s a new icon on the right under the heart and comment bubble for sharing (the box with an arrow). That will pull up an embedding code. If you use WordPress to power your site like I do you will have to modify the code slightly to get it to show up the way you want it.

I really dig the added ability to share photos and videos from Instagram in a way that preserves the ownership of the image. Each image or video embedded retains the original poster’s user name that’s clickable so you can give them the admiration they deserve. So into the fun, here’s some recent wonders from me and my feed!

Paul Rodriguez- The Way Up

The legendary Paul Rodriguez talks about his beginnings in skateboarding and the first few companies that took a chance on him. The production by Steve Berra mixed with Paul’s words are both moving and inspiring. The obvious passion and drive in Paul is something we should all strive for in what we do. No one wants to be on the bench, you want to be Jordan or Kobe – preach on man, preach on.

Clash at Clairemont 7 was Awesome

ClashatClairemont12Clash at Clairemont went down last Saturday, June 1rst and I had a blast! This event benefits the YMCA Krause Family Skatepark and Grind For Life, a great charity that helps families with the high cost of fighting cancer. This event, in it’s seventh year, merged with the Sonic Generations of Vert contest.

The day starts with an amateur contest, ends with music and skating in the pool and is filled with amazing skateboarding and BMX riding. Booth village was filled with great companies supporting the effort to raise money to fight cancer. This year was the best Clash to date if you ask me. Continue reading

Ava, Baby Skateboarder

Legends like Tony Hawk got started skating really early, like 3 or 4 years old but they have nothing on Ava. Barely a year old and loving life on her board already. The future future of skateboarding? Only time will tell.

Lizzie Armanto: The Future of Women’s Skateboarding – Boardworld

Lizzie Armanto is fresh off an X Games gold medal in Barcelona and Boardworld just released this video about her. If you’re not paying attention there is a new resurgence of women skating with Lizzie leading the pack of new generation of shredders.

There should be more opportunities for women to excel and make a living through skateboarding. With few contests, little exposure in the media and even less companies offering sponsorship being a female skater is a tough path to choose.

Lizzie doesn’t let any of that stop her from tearing it up. With long grinds, perfect inverts, stylish airs and flowing lines she annihilates pools like the Vans Combi. I’m a big fan, give her a follow on twitter to keep up!

The Hype Train – Full Length Film

The Hype Train is finally released into the wild! I purchased the DVD because these guys worked their ass off for us. Local San Diego skaters having the best times traveling and shredding, it’s filmed on actual freakin film and delivers a great gritty feel to get you hyped! After the official blurb, watch the 55 minutes of awesome, and get your butt over to Typical Culture and buy this film or other gear! Continue reading

Airwalk: Andy Macdonald 2013

Legendary vert skater and San Diego resident, Andy Macdonald, just released a new edit for Airwalk. Known more for shredding giant wooden ramps it’s great to see an all concrete video from him. He’s always had great transition and pool skills and it’s awesome to see that highlighted. The long line at the Vans Combi pool got me stoked both on the skating and the filming at the same time. Great work Andy!

Andy is also a founding member of the Clash at Clairemont. San Diego’s best action sport event that happens next Saturday, June 1rst, click here for my preview to this great event!