Live SD BeerTalk Radio Show at Alpine Pub!

AlpineBoardCome join us as at 7pm on Tuesday, December 29th, while we rock the Alpine Pub! We will be doing a live show right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle that is Alpine Beer Company ! We’ll have a few giveaways and some other fun for you but nothing will compare to how awesome the beers that flow from these taps are. We will be broadcasting our audio live through our new PA speaker so you’ll be able to hear everything going on and interact with us. Come see the show get recorded live and help us fill the pub with fun! You can RSVP here!

$1 Billion for Ballast Point and the Birth of #IndieBeer

20140711_173830Just in case you were camping in one of the few places left without internet access, Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits was purchased for $1,000,000,000.00 (yes, $1 billion) by Constellation Brands, owners of Modelo, Corona, and many other beer, spirit and wine companies. The dollar amount is an estimate as the actual workings of the deal are cash and debt absorption. This purchase price is very high based on usual formulas used for acquisitions. Ballast sold their company at a premium price, roughly $3,500.00 per barrel produced when recent craft brewery purchases were closer to $1,000.00 per barrel. For more details on the statistics and the actual press release, please read this West Coaster article.

Individual brands of the spirit side, like Fugu Vodka and Devil’s Share Whiskey, are still owned by Jack White and Yuseff Cherney, but the Ballast Spirits trademark was purchased by Constellation. Indications are that Jack and Yuseff will start a new company to continue, making this a complicated issue of the purchase. It makes sense to me, since Constellation has many more spirit companies than beer, that this trademark was enticing for them.

Many people in San Diego found this news shocking and little bit of a punch in the gut. I’m one of them. I completely understand this is a staggering, life changing amount of money. I recognize that the workings of the deal state intent to leave Ballast untouched and allow them to continue making the exceptional beer they currently produce. I’m proud of them for their amazing hard work, development of a valuable business, and their integral contributions to the overall San Diego craft beer industry and community. Continue reading

Sore Eye Sudsmas

ugly_christmas_toilet_santa_sweater_1Come celebrate the holidays! You have supported me all year and this is my chance to give back to you by throwing a great party at one of the most exceptional breweries in our city, Societe Brewing!

Bring non-perishable food to donate to the food drive. San Diego Food Bank will be the benefactor, so your help is staying right here in SD. For every food item you bring, you will receive an entry ticket into a drawing for gifts! If you bring in 25lbs of food or more I will double your entries into the drawings! We brought in 317 pounds last year and I know we can smash that record this year. (Food donation is not required, at all, however, shame and ridicule will fall upon those that think helping others isn’t cool – yes, you have to be there to win!) Continue reading

SD BeerTalk Radio – I’m Now A Co-Host

SDBeerTalk_Light_BackgroundHello amazing people that support me! I’ve had a very busy quarter and I wanted to catch you guys up on some awesome news. Three months ago I was invited by Greg Homyak to join San Diego BeerTalk Radio as the new co-host. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to spend more of my time discussing the amazing craft beer we have here in the Capital of Craft. Since I joined, we’ve recorded 11 shows, some of which were split over two parts. I’m going to go through them from most recent to my first show and give you my thoughts on how it went. You can find us on our website, in Itunes, and in most pod cast applications. Make sure you subscribe to our show in your favorite format to keep up with the latest episodes.

Our most recent episode, #31, was recorded live at Common Theory during our first anniversary party. If you weren’t there you missed out on some great berliner weisse variations from Intergalatic and Kilowatt. Shout out to Home Brew Co., Intergalactic, and Kilowatt for brewing a 3 way collaboration, yogurt berliner. It was a truly excellent beer and the watermelon, pomegranate, and passion fruit variants were delicious. This was the first time we pushed our podcast through a monitor so the people watching us could hear everything we were saying better. I have to say it was awesome and I hope we do that more often. Having the interaction with the “crowd” was super fun. We discuss the big news from Lagunitas, St. Archer and Stone among many other topics. BTW, you are always welcome to come witness our shows, we encourage an audience!

Continue reading

The 3rd Annual Sore Eye Cup Vote Down

The Prestigious Sore Eye Cup

The Prestigious Sore Eye Cup

Welcome to the vote down of the 3rd Annual Sore Eye Cup! The search for San Diego’s best regularly produced craft beer continues and now it’s your turn to voice your opinion. We will honor the winning craft beer with an actual cup (over 64oz capacity)! At the announcement party we’ll fill it up with the winning beer and the winning brewery will drink from the cup right then, as is tradition! The winners can then bask in the glory of victory and have bragging rights for an entire year!

Beers nominated must are brewed here in San Diego County by a recognized brewery. They are beers the brewery makes year round; seasonal, special versions, one offs and casks are not allowed in this contest.

Voting has completed! Thank you to everyone that participated! Due to an unprecedented tie for 10th, we will have 11 finalist beers move on to the judging round!

Ladies and gentleman, your 2015, Sore Eye Cup Finalists!

  • Apprentice by Societe
  • Pupil by Societe
  • Duet by Alpine
  • Pure Hoppiness by Alpine
  • .394 by AleSmith
  • Speedway Stout (first Sore Eye Cup winner) by AleSmith
  • Grapefruit Sculpin by Ballast Point
  • Oatmeal Stout by Benchmark
  • Table Beer by Benchmark
  • Black House by Modern Times
  • 2am Bike Ride by Fall

Congratulations to everyone that made the finals. We’ll be judging the beers very soon!

Join us on August 23rd, 3pm, at Toronado  for the announcement party!




The Third Annual Sore Eye Cup – San Diego’s Best Craft Beer

soreeyecup2014Welcome to the launch of The 3rd Annual Sore Eye Cup, an award for the best regularly produced craft beer in San Diego! Last year was a resounding success, Nelson from Alpine Beer Co. won and is the only beer not eligible for this year’s award. We will honor the winning craft beer with an actual cup (over 64oz capacity)! At the announcement party we’ll fill it up with the winning beer and the winning brewery will drink from the cup right then, as is tradition! The winners can then bask in the glory of victory and have bragging rights for an entire year!

Here are the rules: Beers nominated must be brewed here in San Diego County by a recognized brewery (If you’re a homebrewer I’m more than willing to try your beer, anytime, maybe even trade for some of mine). They must be beers the brewery makes year round; seasonal, special versions, one offs and casks are not allowed. The beers do not need to be packaged (cans or bottles), just made all year long and available for growler fills (so we can get some to judge). We’re looking for craft beers that are available to everyone in SD.

Nominate your favorite beer(s) by emailing me at, tweet me (@mkbain) , tag your nomination #SoreEyeCup in Twitter, comment on the post in Facebook, or comment right here on this post. Nominations are open until the end of June, and then we will move into the voting round. The top ten beers, as voted by you, the best followers on earth, will be blind tasted/judged by our panel of 10. The judges range from craft beer enthusiasts to certified beer judges. We are truly looking for the best regularly produced craft beer San Diego has to offer. The best craft beer, as chosen by us, will be awarded the esteemed Sore Eye Cup and receive all the prestige and glory one blog can bestow upon a brewery! There will be an awesome party in August to celebrate the amazing craft beer culture we have in San Diego and announce the 2015 winner of the Sore Eye Cup!

Get me your nominations and get ready for the vote down! Voting will begin Monday, July 6th and run until Sunday, August 2nd.

Nominated beers:

Pure Hoppiness, Duet & Captain Stout from Alpine
Nut Brown, X, .394 & Speedway Stout from Alesmith (first Sore Eye Cup winner)
The Pupil, The Apprentice, The Publican, The Widow & The Butcher from Societe
Idiot IPA from Coronado
Pale 2.0 from Stone
Gavel Drop & Pirate’s Breakfast from Council
Mosaic Session & Red Trolley from Karl Strauss
Sculpin, Big Eye, Grapefruit Sculpin, Black Marlin & Victory at Sea from Ballast Point
Table Beer & Oatmeal Stout from Benchmark
Pure and Simple, Brewer’s Special Brown & Zumbar from New English
Black House, Blazing World & Fortunate Islands from Modern Times
Cali Creamin’, Boo Koo IPA, Kismet & Sin Tax from Mother Earth
Continental Breakfast Stout from Butcher’s
Board Meeting Brown from Port
Judgement Day from Lost Abbey
Lupulin Lust from Rip Current
Claritas from Hess
IPA & Double IPA from St. Archer
Jetty IPA, Swami’s, Kook, Chronic & Ponto from Pizza Port
Double Stout, Hop Head Red, West Coast IPA & 30th St. Pale from Green Flash
Beeruccino & Batten Down Brown from Helm’s Brewing
Vanilla Porter from Latitude 33
Infinitude & San Diego Nut Brown from San Diego Brewing
The Cruiser & Octo Rye from Pacific Brewing
Fenris & Blunderbus from Barrel Harbor
2am Bike Ride & Plenty For All from Fall Brewing
Founding Father’s Nut Brown & The Daily Stout form Legacy Brewing
Orion’s Stout & Subspace Session from Intergalactic
Peanut Butter Milk Stout & Hop Highway from Belching Beaver

Sore Eye Sports 5th Anniversary!

Sore5SportsCan you believe Sore Eye Sports is 5 years old? Thank you to everyone that has or does support my efforts! Join me on April 11th, in the Pig Pen, at Carnitas’ Snack Shack, to celebrate five years of fun and friendship. I’m brewing a one off collaboration beer with the Home Brewing Co. to share with you! Hanis will fire up the outdoor kitchen and create us something amazing to dine on as we enjoy a great Saturday afternoon. Bring cash for that so you don’t have to wait in the real food line. The party and one pour of the collaboration beer are free. Yes, I said free beer! More details as they become reality, and always remember fun matters! RSVP to the Facebook event page so I know you’re coming!

Check out the Three B Zine pod cast from Monday night where I talk about this party among a lot of other awesome San Diego craft beer stuff!

I have had amazing luck with my site and I owe it all to you, my followers! I hope you will join me for a small taste of my appreciation. After two years of covering the Clash at Clairemont for a local newspaper, my blog started one day on a suggestion from my wife that I could; I had never even considered it. Since then, I’ve had a blast covering all sorts of events, learning more about photography and more importantly made some great friends. Whatever it is you have in the back of your head that you want to do I suggest you go for it! Why not now?

Sore5GlassUpdate: The first 50 people to show up at the party will receive the glass pictured below free! It will also have an 8oz pour of the collaboration beer I brewed with Home Brewing Co. inside it! Get clicking on that RSVP button!






Update 2: I’ll be giving away 3 bottles between 2 and 3pm. The first 50 people that get a free glass will also get 3 entries in to the drawing for each of these: Woot Stout 2.0 – Santa’s Little Helper – Veritas 15! You will not be able to open these at Carnitas Snack Shack , you have to be there (and 21 or older) to win, and they will be warm to discourage shenanigans. That’s right, you get a free glass with free beer in it and a chance to win even more free beer! It’s my way of thanking you for 5 years of support!


2015-04-09 18.54.30-1Update 3: I will also be giving away 4 of these cards. What are these cards, you ask? They’re 25% discount cards for Carnitas’ Shack Shack, off all food purchased, for life, or as long as you can keep track of the card!

Hanis is taking some of the Ryelk (the collaboration beer I brewed with Home Brewing Co. ) to braise up some dogs for us to chow down on!

We’ll also tap a keg of Fall Brewing Company Unicorn Stampede!

Awesome Stuff That Happened In 2014 In A Totally Biased List

SESv12014, the most recent year to end! Sore Eye Sports had an amazing year full of fun and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I attended a ton of events, hosted some myself and more importantly, made a lot of new beer friends along the way. I’m truly grateful for all the support from you guys and hope 2015 is the best year this planet has ever seen!

Let’s get into the stuff I seriously enjoyed and will stick with me as we move ever faster into the future. No data, polls or any other outside information source was used or considered when making this list; I’m just writing down what I remember as being awesome!

Last year started with big news for my buddy Albert Mercado. After years of dedication and amazing BMX skills he got bumped up to the pro teams for both Shadow and Kink! Al’s a genuinely epic human on and off the bike. Here’s his most recent edit from New Year’s: Continue reading

Sore Eye Sportsmas 3

Ugly_sweater_17Come celebrate the holidays! You have supported me all year; this is my chance to give back to you by throwing a great party at one of the most exception breweries in our city, Societe Brewing! Sore Eye Sportsmas happens on Wednesday, December 10th at 6 pm.

Bring non-perishable food to donate to the San Diego Food Bank, helping people right here in SD. For every food item you bring, you will receive an entry ticket into a drawing for gifts! (food donation is not required, at all, however, shame and ridicule will fall upon those that think helping others isn’t cool – yes, you have to be there to win)

Here is what they need us to donate:
Canned Meats (Tuna, Chicken) – tuna in water
Dry or Canned Beans – Black, Pinto, Kidney, Low Sodium
Cereal – Low Sugar, Whole Grain or Bran
Rice – Brown, Wild Rice
Nuts and Seeds – Almonds, Unsalted, Flax seeds
Peanut Butter – No Sugar Added
Canned Soup – Low Sodium, Low Fat
Canned or Dried Fruit – Packed in water or own juice
Canned Vegetables – Low Sodium or No Salt Added
Powdered Milk – Low or Non-Fat
Pasta – Whole Grain
Infant Formula

They are unable to accept: glass jars, including baby food, home-canned, or baked products.

grillfellas_vector_logoGrill Fellas BBQ will be on hand, so come hungry. They have also donated a fully cooked tri-tip as one of the gifts for the drawing! The winner can decide to take this amazing gift home or donate back to the party and they’ll cut it up for everyone.

The first 100 people that show up will receive a free taster pour from me personally!


Bring a wrapped gift ($10 maximum value) to participate in the Secret “Holiday Guy That’s Not Specific” gift exchange. Cannot be alcohol – think funny, weird or random.

Contests for best holiday costume and ugliest holiday sweater! (possibly more!)

Ready for the best part? It’s free for the the best followers on Earth!

These tremendous people have also donated gifts for the drawing, thank you to all of them in advance:

San Diego Bacon Fest
The Homebrewer
Musashi Designs
Helm’s Brewing Co.
Crazed Imaginations
Brew it Yourself

If you’re interested in sponsoring a gift to be given away at the party or making a dish to share with this awesome group of humans, email me @

Feel free to invite anyone, this is a public event! Get RSVPed here!

More details on exactly what all the gifts are soon.

Jack in the Box – Jack’s Munchie Peel Through Sore Eyes

Jack has done it again! His new Munchie Peel and win game takes the amazing value of the Munchie Meal and adds the awesomeness of winning free stuff! If you’re not familiar with the Munchie Meal it’s a meal that’s only available after 9pm and offers inventive takes on the traditional fast food. I really dig the meals in general and adding a chance at winning great stuff is just more encouragement to make it a late night foody call.

The first way to win is to buy one of the meals, peel the sticker, hit up the site, enter your code and see if you’ve won! You can also just enter at that site for your chance, you don’t actually have to buy anything. With one in 4 entries winning you have a great chance of taking home some terrific prizes.
Continue reading