Amanda Castillo at Grill & Grind

Amanda Castillo ollies down a set of stairsYesterday Willys Workshop hosted a Grill & Grind at PQ Park.  I’ll have a few more pictures in the next few days but I was really stoked on these shots.  It’s not everyday I see a girl skateboarder mixing it up with the guys, especially at a concrete skatepark.  There are great female skaters out there, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t see them skating often and I have never seen a girl ollie down the tall 6 set at PQ Park before. Amanda Castillo boardslide Thanks to Luis Sedano for knowing her. Skateboarding needs more badasses like her and I hope there’s tons of girls out there shredding it up at this level.


Give her a follow on Instagram and check out some footage I found of her ripping it up!

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