Instagram Is Now Embeddable

Instagram launched a new feature today that allows you to embed content into/onto other websites and as a blogger I’m totally stoked on it! In the past if you wanted to share an Instagram photo you had be crafty, use screen shots or an application.

If you visit an image on there’s a new icon on the right under the heart and comment bubble for sharing (the box with an arrow). That will pull up an embedding code. If you use WordPress to power your site like I do you will have to modify the code slightly to get it to show up the way you want it.

I really dig the added ability to share photos and videos from Instagram in a way that preserves the ownership of the image. Each image or video embedded retains the original poster’s user name that’s clickable so you can give them the admiration they deserve. So into the fun, here’s some recent wonders from me and my feed!

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