Jack in the Box – Jack’s Blazin’ Chicken Through Sore Eyes

JIBLogoJack’s latest invention, Jack’s Blazin’ Chicken Sandwich, is here and waiting to heat things up! This new sandwich features spicy, crispy chicken, jalapenos, and a ghost pepper ranch sauce. I’m a big spicy food guy so I was more than happy to try out this sandwich and share the good fortune with you guys.

SpicyI enjoyed the sandwich; everything combines really well to make a filling and flavorful sandwich. Combined with the curly fries and the iced tea I ordered, I would say it was a really good combo. I was, however, slightly disappointed with the spiciness level. When you mention ghost peppers I get a vision of Homer Simpson melting after trying the Guatemalan Insanity pepper. I’ve spent a life time eating super spicy Mexican food, am the type of guy that can eat habaneros and really enjoys a good pepper sweat. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fiery sandwich, especially for a fast food restaurant, I was just hoping for a little more kick.

So here’s the good part for you. I have five $10 Jack Cash Cards to giveaway so some of you can try it (or anything else at Jack in the Box) for yourselves. Three ways to enter this contest: 1. Share this post to Facebook and tag (@) Sore Eye Sports, 2. Share this post to Twitter and include @mkbain somewhere in your tweet, 3. Comment on this post that you want to win. 5 winners will be chosen randomly next Friday, May 30th, at 6pm pacific time. Check out the commercial below, get entered and good luck to you all!

*Disclaimer: Jack In The Box contacted me directly, asked me to review this burger, gave me Jack Cash to check it out with and to give away to you. The photograph is the actual food I purchased with the Jack Cash provided as a regular drive thru customer without stating the nature of this article. Thank you to JIB for their generosity.

One thought on “Jack in the Box – Jack’s Blazin’ Chicken Through Sore Eyes

  1. I want to win Jack Cash, get two of these burgers, and used the chicken as a meat bun for the tomatoes and ghost sauce.

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