Makin’ My Eyes Sore #13

Wow, has it really been a month since I posted last? It’s also been 6 months since the last MMES, I’ve been slacking. I’m trying to learn not to double space after a period anymore but it’s so ingrained into my typing I finding it difficult. Let’s jump right into some seriously gritty Northwest shredding from our friends over at Low Card.

Ever wondered what it looked like to ride and insane dirt track? Morgan Wade shows us his perspective riding in the Redbool Dreamline contest.

A quick, 2 hit Firing Line for Tommy Sandoval to get you warmed up for a video later this week.

Thrasher is releasing Cold War Zero part by part and it totally rules! Here’s the Chief’s part to get you hyped, leave it to Jamie to put in 3 enders. Buy this video from Itunes here.

You can argue about New Balance’s place in skateboarding being legitimate or not, you can argue whether skating filmed in black and white is right or not, but you can’t argue against the skateboarding and editing in this video, they are definitely on point.

That will close it out for this installment of MMES and I promise not to go a month with out posting again this year!

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