Makin’ My Eyes Sore #12

This feature, MMES, is where I show you what videos I’ve been stoked on lately. Here is a great big pile of stoke for you to chow down on. Lets get it started with a gritty part from Sean Greene.

Next up, Following Kyle, from Predatory Bird. This video has serious shredding mixed it with great filming and inventive editing that will be ripped off soon if it hasn’t already.

The legendary Van Homan joins Dan’s Comp. It’s great to see Van back shredding!

Tanner Easterla completely destroys several No Cal spots. I hadn’t seen this rider before but I’m an instant fan.

Skooter (Getzlaff) & Rick Holderby’s part from the Typical Culture video Hype Train. These guys are SD skating, get over there and buy a copy of this!

Closing it out is another amazing edit from Jason Park. Jason’s from Hawaii and sometimes does not get the credit I think he deserves. I’ve never seen anyone push while maintaining a nose manual, that’s just one little thing about this that rules.

That’s what I’m watching lately; what videos have you seen that rock?