San Diego Video Roundup #2

We live in an amazing city full of world class skateboarding and BMX talent. This week there’s been a lot of videos coming out of the best town in the world and these are my favorites. Let’s get it started with a typical morning session from Falco Baltys.

Switching over to BMX, Mariano Santiago keeps shredding daily for your viewing pleasure. I don’t know when he started doing 540s but I like it!

One of my favorite riders, that just went pro, Albert Mercado, gives you the story behind his centerfold picture. That first crash definitely put a hurting on him but he gets the job done. Shout out to Justin’s Scout II!

He may be living in Phoenix right now but Lahsaan Kobza’s got SD credentials and seriously puts it down in this edit for The Come Up.

Closing it out is Dolan Stearns with his heavy part from Meet the Lurkers, now available for download. Dolan’s been one of my favorite skaters for years and is now getting more attention for his gnarly style and ability to skate spots others wouldn’t. I’m so stoked to share this part but really recommend getting the full video and supporting another San Diego local business, Lurkville.

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