Societe Brewing Through Sore Eyes

After being introduced to Societe at the NKOTB beer event, I arranged a guided tour and tasting at the brewery for me and a few friends on September 14th.  I was excited they were willing to take us around their facility and talk about their beers.  They were the surprise hit of the NKOTB and I was impressed with their quality beer instantly.

When we arrived at the brewery I was really happy with the facility.  It was a large open tasting room, with clear views of all the brewing equipment and the cold room where the barrels for the sour beers are stored.  The tasting room has large benches, stand up tables and a lot of bar space.  It felt comfortable, open and inviting.

Travis Smith introduced himself (he’s one of the founders), and we jumped right into tasting the first beer, the Harlot. After we grabbed our beers, we started the tour. As we entered the actual brewing section, he explained the Harlot was the first beer produced by Societe.  It’s a light, crisp Belgian that really has something special in the subtleties of the taste.  You get a mild floral and fruitiness that goes with tons of food or moods, a versatile beer that could easily be an everyday drinker.  He said that’s why this is the beer he drinks the most – life is about occasions, and the Harlot goes with any.
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Night of the Lurkers! Lurkville Art Show

Lurkville is going to be a major skateboard brand soon; you should follow them to keep up with all the moves they are making. Last Saturday night they launched a great art show at Visual Shop.

According to Twitter and Instagram the party was great. I have not had a chance to check the art out yet but I will very soon, the show runs all month. I am totally stoked on the art with the giant Lurkville wolf and Dolan Stearn’s work sticking out to me as my favorites.

I encourage you to get over to the Visual Shop, located at 3524 Adams Avenue. I also encourage you to spend more time in Normal Heights in general; it’s a one of the best areas of San Diego to eat, shop or just hang out in.

Lahsaan Kobza Eurpoe Edit

Lahsaan, fresh off a month in Europe, gives us a little taste of what he’s been up to lately. We won’t see most of what he filmed across the Atlantic until the Shadow DVD comes out but for now we have some great clips from the Blunted Athletics owner as well as some guest clips from Jack O’Reilly, Simone Barraco, Paul Ryan, Slayer Tom & Ryan Chadwick. Check it out and keep your eyes open for more news about the actual video.

Brendan Keaveny for King Kahn Guest Artist Series

Lurkville, one of my favorite San Diego skateboard companies, has done it again. I’m seriously telling you to get on board with these guys a.s.a.p. Here we have team ripper, Brendan, putting it down to some great tunes from King Kahn and the Shrines to celebrate the launch of a limited edition deck. The decks are so choice; take a look at the edit, the designs are at the end and get out and support the Lurkers as they put skateboarding back into skateboarding!

Albert Mercado Bike Check

BMXers are constantly changing up their shred sleds, rides, whips etc… Mr. Mercado just put together a whole new bike and I got to drool over it. This bike check was fun, a relaxed situation, not the pressure of getting a riding shot. I met up with Albert at a local drinkery to see what his new bike was all about. A dedicated Kink and Shadow rider, the setup is a great mesh of these two brands. I provided the beers and Al provided the cheers. If you ever have the chance to chill or ride with him I suggest you jump on it, he’s a good dude. We’ll start with the mandatory parts list, which reads like a dream:

Frame: Kink Tocco II 20.75 – mint
Fork: Shadow Vultus 026
Headset: Kink TI-integrated
Stem: Shadow Ravager top load
Bars: Kink Lynx
Grips: Shadow Lashaan Kobza Signature Chula grip.
Tires: Shadow Undertakers 20.25
Rear Wheel: Shadow BTR, Stun rim.
Front Wheel: Shadow Raptor complete
Cranks: Shadow Seth Kimbrough Signature Noctis
Pedals: Shadow plastic Ravager
Chain: Shadow v2 half link chain
Sprocket: Shadow Scream
Seat/post: Shadow Solus 1-piece combo
Pegs: 4 Kink light pegs

While splitting a pitcher and lots of jokes I took a few pictures of his bike. A few people even apologized for walking into the shot, which cracked me up; I was the a-hole taking pictures in the middle of a bar after all. Eventually we moved outside into the diminishing light for the closeups. As you can tell from the final shot we’re probably too comfortable while sitting on the side of El Cajon Blvd. I had a blast, the bike is solid and gorgeous and it was a great night.

I encourage you to support Kink and Shadow, they are good companies that support one the best dudes in BMX, Albert Mercado. Have a look at the photos and let me know what you think.

Not enough of this guy? Check out the preview of this article with a badass video edit from Darryl Tocco featuring this guy on this exact bike.

Iconic Willy’s Workshop Closing but not Gone

Willy’s Workshop, the iconic skateshop, owned by legendary San Diego skater Willy Santos will be closing its doors this Friday. They are not actually closing for good, just moving to completely online at The shop has been open for more than 12 years, located next to the PQ Skatepark, and has a legendary status in the skateboard world from here to the Philippians. Get up there and make a purchase to show some support for one of the best shops and humans in the skate world. Everything in the store excepting skate hard goods is at least 50% off to help make the move easier. I am going to miss this place and it reminds us that the skateboard industry is a hard world to survive in. I wish Willy nothing but the best and hope the move to online is successful. It would be hard for me to imagine that we can’t support one of the best skaters to ever come from our city. Talk to other skateboarders around here and ask them about Mr. Santos, they will tell you he is one of the best to ever do it. Bookmark and know that you are getting expert service and support. Hopefully the future is bright on the interwebs for Willy’s Workshop!

Albert Mercado Bike Check Preview

I hung out with Albert, a Kink and Shadow rider, last night and shot a bike check. Here is a sample shot of his new ride; it’s very dialed in, more to come on that soon. He also dropped one hell of an edit today filmed by Darryl Tocco on the same machine, check it out below, I’ve watched it 3 times already! Great work behind and in front of the lens come together with a little music for our devouring eyes to gobble up, suck our fingers and think about licking the plate clean. Very tasty work gentlemen.

Albert Mercado park sessions. from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Sun Diego Am Slam #2 – Krause

The Sun Diego Am Slam is the elite of amateur skateboarding contests. This is the second stop of a 4 stop tour. This stop landed at my favorite skate park, the Mission Valley YMCA. We have amazing skateboarding talent in our city, I encourage you to come out to these events. Don’t miss the next stop at Carmel Valley skatepark August 25th!

The New Kids on the Block – a Beer Event at the Handlery

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It should be no surprise that I am a big beer fan. Lately I have been invited to cover some beer events and could not be happier. This event was held on Thursday, July 19th and featured more than 12 new San Diego breweries and several great food selections from local chefs, all to benefit a great local charity, Wounded Warrior Homes. Some of the highlight breweries for me were Societe, Hess, Manzanita and Roughdraft. On the food side of the festival the Handlery’s chef and organizer of the event, Karl Prohaska, had the winning dish with Toronado and Slater’s 50/50 right there. This event was a smaller, more accessible event than the main festival held annually. Tickets were limited, the event was held within the hotel grounds, not in the parking lot, breweries and chefs were intermingled with plenty of room to walk around and socialize. I enjoyed the size of this event, I was able to talk to the breweries and chefs more that at the larger event. I had a great time and look forward to the next event put on by the excellent staff at the Handlery Hotel. Make sure to join the Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival Facebook group to keep up to date with upcoming events!

Go Skateboarding Day 2012

I had a blast with Willy’s Workshop on Go Skateboarding Day last Thursday. Bacon wrapped hot dogs (the norm), Vitamin Water and Transworld sponsored a great day at the Rancho Penasquitos Skatepark. I can always tell when I’ve had a great time at an event, there are far less pictures than normal. Go Skate Day signals the official start to summer and therefore my busiest season as a skate/BMX blogger and I can’t wait for all the fun that’s coming. Stay connected here or on Twitter or Facebook! Check out the shots: