The Hype Train – Full Length Film

The Hype Train is finally released into the wild! I purchased the DVD because these guys worked their ass off for us. Local San Diego skaters having the best times traveling and shredding, it’s filmed on actual freakin film and delivers a great gritty feel to get you hyped! After the official blurb, watch the 55 minutes of awesome, and get your butt over to Typical Culture and buy this film or other gear! presents a D.I.Y. Skateboarding film by Zack Dowdy. Featuring Chris Russell, Skreech, Greg Zamarripa, Frank Shaw, Chris Gregson, Brendan Keaveny, Connor Getzlaff, Ricky Holderby, and Little Chris.

This video wouldn’t of been possible without Bario Mike.

Entirely filmed on film and tapes.

Sponsored By: Dekline, OJ, Blood Wizard, Remind, S-One, Pig, Creature, Gullwing, and Vagrant.

Also Featuring: Pontus Alv, Kevin Kowalski, Glen Wagner, Ben Raybourn, Keith Baldassare, Alex Perelson, Steve Galicia, Chaz Pineda, Donavon Rice, Drew Dezort, Pat Beek, Kenny Mohr, Chris Coogan, Mason Merlino, Allen Young, Brian Fick, PLG, David Cobb, Cody Sexton, Jimmy Cao, Skippy, Trevor Ward, Russell Grundy, Adrian Mcelhaney, Aaron Sholts, Luis Sedano, Lenny Vargas, Steve Shipler, Matt Kreigel, Colin Brophy, Truman Hooker, Dylan Messer, Scott Flipinger, Jessiva Silva, Brandon Perelson, Adrian Mallory, Steven Levas, Derm, Hodge, David Jurusick, Chris LaRue, Mikey Grey, Brad Hearra, Ian Stribling, Jack Given, Josh Stafford, Spenser Prati, Sean Conover, Tim Williams, Canyon Kelly, Tyler Lee, and more homies!

Support your local skater built DIY.

Additional Filming: The Hype Train, James Truesdale, Jesse Silva, Skippy, Eric Bennett, Troy Sanders, Ryan Alvarado & the homies.
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